AnEson Gib vs. Austin McBroom full fight video highlights (2024)

Watch AnEson Gib vs. Austin McBroom full fight video highlights from the main event of Social Gloves 2, courtesy of FITE TV and other outlets.

McBroom vs. Gib took place Sept. 10 at the Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles, Calif. Social influencers Austin McBroom and AnEson Gib collided in a grudge match in the night’s main event. The fight aired live on FITE TV pay-per-view.

Catch the video highlights below.

For more on Austin McBroom vs. AnEson Gib, check out the live blog by MMA Fighting’s Jed Meshew.

Round 1: McBroom is all smiles and jokes, Gib looks very serious. Gib comes out aggressively in orthodox while McBroom is in southpaw.

Gib has the center and he’s pawing his jab early. McBroom moving around outside, hand-fighting and waiting. Gib steps in, McBroom tries to counter and they clinch only to be separated.

Gib flashing the jab a ton but McBroom is smothering it. McBroom lands a body jab that’s good. Gibe comes back and McBroom drops him with a big shot!

Gib still has his wits but he ate a big shot and say down. He beats the count but now Gib is looking very tentative. McBroom not overextending. Being patient. But he’s smiling like a hunter.

Gib fires a combo that gets McBroom to step back. Gib trying to work himself back into this and McBroom not doing much, so Gib is able to do so.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-8 McBroom.

Round 2: Well, I have no idea what happened during the break or for the first minute of Round 2 as the feed cut out. But we’re back to the action and Gib is coming forward and firing that jab with the occasional right hand behind it. He’s having trouble navigating the distance though, especially with McBroom smothering that lead hand from southpaw.

McBroom not doing a lot but he lands a good left hand that hurts Gib. He’s backing off now but McBroom not pressing his advantage.

Gib recenters himself and gets inside and lands a combo of his own. McBroom moves away and lands another big shot. Now he’s coming forward. Gib answers back. Now McBroom and Gib lands a big body shot.

Gib appears to be the more experienced fighter (which he is) but McBroom is the better athlete and Gib is having a difficult time navigating the difference in length and athleticism.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 McBroom, 20-17 McBroom overall.

Round 3: Gib still pressing the attack and he lands a decent left hook to start. And then a right hook, but he overextends and McBroom cracks him with a left hook that hurts Gib. The power difference is a problem for Gib who is retreating now and then grabs a clinch.

They separate and Gib is pressing forward again. Gib outworking McBroom and lands a big shot but McBroom lands one of his own. McBroom is now starting to rush in a little more and Gib is finding some success.

Gib still pressing the action and lands another good shot.


McBroom steps in and Gib lands a monster left hook that puts McBroom on skates.

McBroom beats the count and now he’s trying to brawl but he’s legs are not underneath him. Gib teeing off! McBroom firing back but DOWN GOES MCBROOM AGAIN!!!

McBroom beats the count a second time but he is in a very bad way. He’s trying to smile through it but he’s in real trouble and saved by the bell.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-7 Gib, 27-27 overall.

Round 4: Gib’s experience and ability is starting to shine through here. McBroom is still on shaky legs and Gib is pressing in. He lands a big right hand and now McBroom clinches. McBroom is getting frustrated and brawling and it’s a BAD idea.


McBroom keeps getting caught by big hooks from Gib. McBroom trying to fight through instead of hold and clear the cobwebs and the referee warns him to protect himself. He refuses though and Gib is lighting him up!


McBroom is showing a ton of heart in here but his corner should stop this. The referee tells McBroom another one and it’s over. McBroom all heart and stupidity, charging forward and Gib is going nuts with big shots. McBroom barely staying in this. He needs to start holding but he doesn’t know that AND GIB PLANTS HIM FOR THE FINAL TIME!!!!!

AnEnson Gib def. Austin McBroom by KO at 2:36 of Round 4.

AnEson Gib vs. Austin McBroom full fight video highlights (2024)


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