Eaglercraft Beta Singleplayer (2024)

A version of Eaglercraft with both singleplayer and multiplayer. Based on Minecraft Beta 1.3, you can play singleplayer and multiplayer in any web browser and your worlds will be saved to your browser’s local storage. Works on all chromebooks, you can export and import your worlds to make backups or move worlds to a different computer.

Eaglercraft Beta Singleplayer (1)

Official Demo URL: https://eaglercraft.us/beta/

Download locally: Singleplayer_Offline_Download_Version.html

Download the multiplayer: Offline_Download_Verison.html

Host the singleplayer client: singleplayer-download.zip

Host singleplayer and multiplayer: multiplayer-download.zip

Technical Details

Discord server: https://discord.gg/Ekzcgs3DKZ

The game saves worlds to your browser’s persistent local storage via IndexedDB, the vanilla MCRegion chunk loader has been rewritten to store chunks as single files instead, without compression to speed up load and save times. These files are then stored in an IndexedDB table in the browser’s local storage as ArrayBuffers with string keys describing the coordinates of the chunk.

This is done because there is no efficient way to emulate a java.nio.RandomAccessFile using IndexedDB. Browser already implement IndexedDB using a storage system similar to MCRegion by default, which will group many small objects together into single large files. Therefore storing each chunk as a single virtual file in IndexedDB will not cause the severe fragmentation issues and folder lag like the original Minecraft Classic chunk storage did.

A list of item, block, and entity IDs can be found here: ITEM-IDs.md

Singleplayer Commands:

  • /help list all available commands
  • /give spawn an item or block by id
  • /summon spawn an entity by id
  • /time change the world time


Like the 1.5.2 Eaglercraft, just import this entire repository as a gradle project and use the teavmc gradle task. It will generate a classes.js in the javascript folder of this repository.

To change any textures and stuff, make your changes in lwjgl-rundir/resources and then run epkcompiler/run.bat to generate a new assets.epk in the javascript folder where classes.js is. On linux/mac, open terminal and type chmod +x run_unix.sh and then ./run_unix.sh to run the tool. Copy the new javascript/assets.epk onto your website over the old one to update it.

Make sure you install java and add it to your PATH, or these scripts will not work.

To compile the server, read the readme.txt in the bukkit folder.

To run the desktop java runtime, create a new java project in an IDE. Link src/main/java and src/lwjgl/java as source folders, and add all jars in the lwjgl-rundir folder to your build path. Create a run configuration and set the main class to net.lax1dude.eaglercraft.MinecraftMain, and then set the working directory to lwjgl-rundir. The client should then launch with no errors, if not then re-read the previous two sentances and try again.


Issues are disabled due to spam, you can just use common sense to solve most gameplay issues.

Be aware this is an old version of Minecraft, many features in the 1.5.2 client did not exist yet in beta 1.3. If you believe a feature is missing, there is an 11 out of 10 chance that it isn’t in vanilla minecraft beta 1.3 either.

Minecraft beta has no sprinting, and hunger did not exist until beta 1.8 either. To exit a boat or minecart, you just right click the entity again the same way you did to enter it. DO NOT ASK FOR THESE FEATURES TO BE ADDED, this is supposed to be a 1:1 port of minecraft beta, if you want a feature that does not already exist natively in vanilla beta 1.3 then just play the 1.5.2 client instead.

Nether portals are not supported in multiplayer, Notch didn’t figure that out until beta 1.6.

If you’re genuinely stuck then join https://discord.gg/KMQW9Uvjyq

Server Setup Guide

DON’T HOST A PUBLIC SERVER! - https://youtu.be/7qWNM0MMV1g

There is a password system built directly into the ‘Multiplayer’ screen of the main menu, which is enabled on all servers by default.


  1. Make sure java is installed and on your system PATH
  2. Download and extract multiplayer-download.zip to a new folder
  3. Go in the server folder
  4. If on windows, double click run.bat
  5. If on mac or linux, open terminal and run chmod +x run_unix.sh, and then ./run_unix.sh
  6. Use the console to set passwords for all of your and your friends’ usernames:

    • set-password <username> <password> never

    To set a temporary password that will expire, use this syntax:

    • set-password <username> <password> [expires][s|m|h|d|w]


    • set-password lax1dude lax123 7d
    • set-password ayonull sh*t 24h
    • set-password ayunami2000 fard 30m


    To change this behavior, edit eagler.yml in the server folder.

  7. Launch the offline download version from this repository and then set your username to the username you used with set-password on in the previous step
  8. Click ‘Multiplayer’ on the main menu, enter as the server address, and then enter the password you set on your username in Step 6.
  9. Click ‘Connect’, you should be able to join the server. If not, check that the run.bat window is still open, and that you entered the correct username and password that you used with set-password on Step 6.
  10. If you’re okay checking for regular updates to the offline download version here, or using https://g.eags.us/eaglercraft/beta/ for WSS connections, you are now finished. Look up a guide on google to figure out how to port forward 25565 on your router to play from outside of your local network.
  11. If you want to host your own web site with the client too, upload the contents of the web folder from the zip file you downloaded in Step 2 onto your website. If the website is HTTPS then the client will only be able to connect to a server running on WSS.
  12. To get WSS, buy a domain and install nginx on your server as a reverse proxy with an SSL certificate for the domain
  13. To make your client auto connect to your server, put the ?server=<your server's ip> parameter in the URL to your site
  14. To make your client auto connect to your server without any changes to the URL, edit web/index.html:

    Replace this:

    window.minecraftOpts = ["game_frame","assets.epk"];(function(){var q = window.location.search;if(typeof q === 'string' && q.startsWith("?")) { q = new URLSearchParams(q); var s = q.get("server"); if(s) window.minecraftOpts.push(s);}:

    With this:

    window.minecraftOpts = ["game_frame","assets.epk","<your server's ip>"];

    Replace <your server's ip> with the IP to your server. This will make the client directly open the connect screen once you’re done editing your profile, with the IP address specified in this code autofilled in the address text field.

  15. To change your textures, make your changes in lwjgl-rundir/resources and then run epkcompiler/run.bat to generate a new assets.epk in the javascript folder where classes.js is. On linux/mac, open terminal and type chmod +x run_unix.sh and then ./run_unix.sh to run the tool. Copy the new javascript/assets.epk onto your website over the old one to update it.

Password System

Edit server/eagler.yml to reconfigure or disable the password system.

To configure your server not to require a password by default, but then allow users to run /register-password to set a password only on their specific username, edit these options in eagler.yml to be these values:

only_allow_registered_users_to_login: falseallow_self_registration: true

Passwords are stored in passDB.dat in your server’s folder, they are encrypted and cannot be decrypted without a supercomputer. If you lose a password then just use set-password again from your server’s console or by joining the server with an account that has /op.

Use clear-password to remove a password from a username

There’s no permission system support for these commands if such a thing even exists for beta 1.3, so you are limited to just using /op and eagler.yml to control which commands users should have access to.


All I really have to say is, tabs not spaces, and format the code to be like the eclipse auto format tool on factory settings, but also run-on lines of code long enough to go off the screen and single line if statements and other format violations in that category are welcome if it helps enhance the contrast between the less important code and the more important code in a file. Don’t commit changes to javascript/classes.js or javascript/assets.epk or anything in stable-download/. I’ll recompile those myself when I merge the pull request.

Eaglercraft Beta Singleplayer (2024)


Is Eaglecraft safe? ›

Using Eaglercraft can be risky. Although the service may have some features that attract users, there are many potential issues to consider. Eaglercraft is not affiliated with Mojang, the developer of Minecraft, and may use your personal data for profit or other reasons.

Who created Eaglercraft? ›

Credit to LAX1DUDE for creating Eaglercraft and making its source code public.

Is Eaglercraft legal? ›

So everyone who read the coversation above, just kno, Eaglercraft is illegal, and for those who have turned away from replit, well, their loss. Anyway, if people even go to google for eaglercraft, have a great time trying not to infect your device!

Is Eaglercraft real in Minecraft? ›

About Eaglercraft

Eaglercraft and EaglercraftX is a Minecraft 1.5.2 and 1.8.8 Javascript port, respectively, authored by LAX1DUDE.

How to join a LAN world in Eaglercraft? ›

When you open the world to LAN it will give you a 'join code'. Simply share the code with your friends and they can visit the Multiplayer screen from the main menu and click 'Direct Connect' and enter the code and they will be able to join your world.

Is Eaglercraft Multiplayer? ›

If you're using the 1.8. 8 version of Eaglercraft, then Multiplayer is your only option. The other one has both singleplayer and server compatibility, but significantly lacks features.

Why can't I join my Eaglercraft server? ›

Why Can't I Join a Specific Server? The servers are currently overloaded, or you have been banned.

Are there villages in Eaglecraft? ›

Villages, mine shafts, dungeons, caves, ravines, many different biomes, and other things can spawn. The Nether and End are also available.

Is Eaglercraft Java or Bedrock? ›

You can play Minecraft on PC/Mac/Browser. It can be played in the browser with Eaglercraft, an AOT compiled voxel game inspired from Minecraft designed to run on Javascript. It uses TeaVM and LAX1DUDE's OpenGL emulator to run a Java virtual machine fully compatible with browsers.

How to play online on Eaglecraft? ›

Play Multiplayer
  1. Find a Server. You can find Eaglercraft servers on Google, probably. ...
  2. Copy the Server's Address. Choose a server you like and then copy its address, or IP address. ...
  3. Launch Minecraft Multiplayer. ...
  4. Add a Server. ...
  5. Join a Server. ...
  6. Register Your Account on the Server.


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