The Vancouver Sun from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (2024)

NEWS OF CHILUWACK 400 AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE 1950 405 SPORTS, KKPCRTD CARS Complete Triumph TR4's Sport 6 THOMAS MOTORS LTD. "sinortB r.Ajr Centre" 'M Chev. TR 6-0153 'MTVidge. good shape, reason- r'l. lo 781 Kingsway "79-4583 50 THE VANCOUVER SUN: Feb.

8, 1954 400 AUTOMOBILES FOR SAlE '400 AUTOMOBILES FOB SAlE 7 1954 1953 "PICKUP $10 DN. $20 MO. Hugged ins Iiodge pickup in curtomline 2-Hr. rtn. sTeeV irev 41 leather finished In a beautiful cameo heavy duty tirk ba owing S4l eite with matchinB interior, eis-IW Trad ctn-Vom radio, w.w. healer, II a ri i i a II I '53 AuMin Sommeim LAUILLAL I Pontiac automatic thi ts thii, hantv i '53 Cadillac SMo thine of beauty. Cultus Lake Park Board Gets $25,000 in Grants 410 AUTO PARTS SE3VICE K-fpAIKS, h.VlU VIORS. (111. VIU KINO.

PART. TIRES, A I I.KI E. 4 1 1 fcSSO litis BC AUTOMATIC 1 ransmissions Ltd. COURTESY CAR FREE TOWING All Work Guaranteed CR 8-6126 CR 8-8213 851 West Road, Richmond PORTABLE Under the ear crankshaft grinding rvllnder reborillff. Cylinder For Your Best Deal MCB OR MIDGET Come to "RAMBLER CORNER" 401 Kingsway at 12th.

TR2-7511 '55" MG. TF model. S'ew top paint, low mileage, radio heater. For further details contact Mr-A. C.

Nuvts. 123 Yale Rd. ington, and again March 6 andi 7 during UBC open house. ha SFUA'tCF with all CMC. pouer equipment.

Chllliwack. B.C. One hundred and twenty five SAVE $574 Pontine floor shift, r. h. 112.V.-A 5-4513.

'50' Dmlge, new tires, battery, brawes c.13.). -50 Chevrolet $1' 4th Commercial Dr. AL3-243fp '50 Meteor Sedan. YUK-949. TxY Merc, good cond.

r. new hrakes $95. IIEl-2523. 1949 '49 "MonisT'gond engine A fires rm. $60 3780 Glenview Crescent, Van.

Ford, runs welTTgooJirres. rooT rack, radio spare parts, $115 or trade for piano. TR 4-0635. "'49 Austin, eood shape," $100 of offer. HE 3-9254.

49 "Chev. 4-dr. Good cond, $73 oroffer. KE '49 Austin, in good'shape, $t3. RE 3-1571 49 Meteor 2-dr.

sedan, good rubber. oestof fer. 434-4421. '49 "Chev. st.d.

shift, radio heater. 584-0178. As low as S.u (In. jao a mmim. Trades accepted.

IIILLCREST AUTO SALF.S LTD. TR -J-77IH. Kings" ay "FAMILY MAN Chev. L'-dr. family redan finished Broadway Alma A 8-S23I 1952 Stuvin.

Sacrifice 'STChcv. $193. Also Dodk-e sedan 514S. Both run good have radios. Owner.

I neeOm-'SS Cficv. Clean, good runnti condition. Will trade 'f7 1964 Alpine. 2000 miles, as new. John Steward at 987-5231, 682-4 169, people attended a banquet in the Chilliwack Baptist Church hall to discuss the formation TR-3 head planing, ring, valve bear In a lovely embassy bronze, equip of an Indian-White Friendship Excellent condition throughout ing jobs.

Austins $46 Chevs. J.ig. Chrysler, Dodge Plymouth $58. ped with custom radio, snrs. Looks i Fold Wagon, dillerence depends on runs Rood.

Trale terms as i ihe hev.BJH new tnes, low price. $193 down, Club. U.H. vs laoor oniy. kc CHILLIWACK (Correspondent) ChiJliwack.

city council has approved a 1964 grant of $10,000 to Cultus Lake Park Board. Chilliwack municipal council at its last meeting voted 4 to 3 in favor of granting the park board $15,000. The combined grants together with revenues from increased lot lease revenues will enable the park board to embark on a $44,200 capital improvement program. Major items on the propos SoO mon in. 874-5830.

as $10 Si mo. LA Austin Somerset, good run- Representatives were present '56 TR. SPORT in rr AM A Vli (IT order, good body. new tirei or best offer. Call Miss Ire order, giMj.l body.

new tires stiiCK ot exenange motors, uuar-anteed workmanship, 6 mo. to pay. ALEC'S AUTOMOTIVE IW uuvin rn i ivi i iibi from the Baptist, Roman First buyer with $795, will finance. i land, RE 3-St74. 5- Nash Ambassador, Catholic and United Churches, 3891 Fraser TR 6-5929 54 Studebaker '53 Packard Convert.

51 Chevrolet H'top. radio. Good ootid. $125. Private.

$-7 7 along with three Indian chiefs and Chilliwack Mayor T. T. McCammon. i 5 49 Ford, immaculate tnienor. '62 AUSTIN HEALEY Excellent cond not raced.

O.D, radio. Best ofler. LA 2-3941. '60 TR3. Many extras.

Excellent cond. 1 owner. Priv. sale. $1550 or make offer.

Ste. 28, 1151 Haro, eves. MU 1-6755. KE 3-3114 an. 4:30.

NO MONEY DOWN COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE Tuneups to major overhaulg. Motors, all transmissions, brake, clutches A alignments. HETMANN MOTORS AWR Main It was decided to form a "'52 Chev. good body, S4 motor, new leather upholstery. FA 5-M91- Priced for quick salei Chevy sedan.

std full equipped. A-l cond. Priv. 7fi3 Kingsway 5T2 CTievs.r 1 stand 1 auto. $150 each or offers.

Priv. HK 4-2703 afier fi m. '52 Meteor Convert. All new Wil Kingsway "'34 "Vauxhall Vetbx" sedan. Id exceptionally Rood rond.

throughout. Kxcel. engine, tires etc. Must sacrifice! F.I'. SJaU.

Takejerms. UK 3-2122. '34 Buick. 'h4 licence, auto, overhauled Thursday. P.S.

New tires, gas tank fuil, $330. E. Tth.TK 4-WW2. 'TfTVolksuasen bus. uverha'uleiT '49 Dodge sedan $100 4th Commercial Dr.

AL 3-2430 '49 Vauxhall, boo3 ruhliiiig rond.J$30. AM 1-2316. '49 International pickup. $80. club to be known as the She-yaya Club, using an Indian word for "friends." ed work list include develop TR 4-8511 Nights RE 3-1538 For Information, call Vic.

CY 8- 12841 1 15! hA Ave.L N. Surrey. Officers elected are: Presi 8fij eves. ment of additional tent and trailer sites, construction of two wharves, rock removal '49 Meteor coupe, $95. Runs good.

fA 7-6583. 1963 Pontiac running gear, top, top system, new tires tubes, new clutch dent, Archie Annis; vice-presi 150 tires, loor shift, FA transmission, lbos moto cash. Private. dent, Ed Kelly, of the Tzche- 4 on noor See ad of same paper under 1963. actin Reserve; secretary, Mrs.

and beach sanding, purchase of maintainance equipment, a tcdM nstiw 1948 overTTffl spent in last year. Nearest to $180 lakes. Tony. 2fl6-073 '48 ChrysTer, body rough, good brakes, good glass. City tested, reas.

Write W. C. White, co Box 3o2, Sechelt, B.C. 52 Chev. sedan, good best offer.

BR 7- 3S51i. Pontiac, good run King cond. New tires seat covers, exterior Uke offer. YU S-517i, '52 Studebaker coupe. Good tires, bodv.

Through test. 4150 or best after 2 '52 Chev coupe, clean. Olds Cn-trlne rhnu Hinninff ccar S.350. '54 Dodge sedan VS p.s.. p.b., radio, healer, w.s Like new cond.

$350. 277-5165. 1121 Seaham Richmond. '54 Rambler sedan. No down paymei.t.

1090 V. Georgia, MU 2-47i S. '54 Chev. sedan. Auto, really clean.

1090 VV. Georgia. MU gjjjfjyfjj? low miIl-'a8e7very clean Adam Koczapchi, and treasurer, Mrs. Albert Douglas. Poppy fund welfare disburse $90.

AM 3-4430. DR. A. S. ARNEIL effluent problem WESTERN CANADA'S 1st DISCOUNT REPAIR HOUSE Reconditioned engines Installed from $139 Reconditioned trans.

Installed from $39 Complete paint jobs $49.95 All work guaranteed 6991 Victoria Dr. 321-6674 GUARAN. TIRES Special new, used recap tires extra wheels. Also snow tires, all sizes, also truck tires tubes. 615 kingsway.

TR 6-8919. "GUARANTEED TRANSMISSIONS from $35, Installed. Ralph's Auto Supply 330 E. 2nd New factory-fresh 6-volt batteries, $7.75 up ex. 12-volt batteries.

$12.50 up ex Del. instal 1Vff.Bt.oll DuHarldB Reliable transpor 410 AUTO PARTS SERVICE lation. $125 cash. 584-6192. "M8 Rover, cheap at $125.

3780 Glenview Cresc, N. Van. iz3 71 JS. REPAfHS, BAMATOK. OIU V.

KE( KING. PARTS. TIRES. BATTERIES. AC ESOKIES installing new tables in the picnic ground and general improvements In the cottage area.

The budget also calls for placing $10,000 In reserve for a drive-in coffee shop. A former student of Chilli ments totalling $2,082 were distributed last year by the Chilliwack Branch of the Royal 54 radio, very good Te-rv. TR 9-21S3. clutch. $135.

TR needs '48 International panel, good running cond. 52 E. 13th. Morris Minor sedan. Clean cond.

Lavigne Recond. Motors Runs well. 738-69S4. "Tour on the floor 1947 '52 Ford. R.

H. $125: Canadian Legion. The money was spent on as '54 Austin, Sunbeam very '4n CheVn-dr; sedan wTfh '57 orn '49-'S3 popular 6 cyl, $215 Ford, Ply, Chev, V8, '55-59, $275 Olds, Cad, '52-'59 $335 LA 2-1EH6, clean. Priv. WE 8-4136.

'54 "Chev. station wagon. exreT. ah prices inciuae installations. sisting needy veterans, their wives or dependents in Chilli Exchange cams, crankshaft kits, Pontiac 4-dr.

sedan, auto. 'H. Good tires. $250. TR 4-3HU.

'52 Ponliae coach. New battery, cmtetL. Good tires. S175, 27S-8394. '52 Chev.

generally over LA 2-2521 7405 Kingsway wack Senior Secondary School, Murray Bowman, will be 532 E. Broadway. TR 6021 wack and district. hauled, real good, $175. 873-994, Auto.

Trans. Special Trans. OH, labor $o0 Trans, oil leaks $30 Trans, band adjust. $10 MTf 2-4007 or MU 2-1907 '52 Chev 4-door. S175.

Good con- Prime Minister of the University of B.C.'s model cnv. engine, cyi. cuy tesiea. 11 9-2194, '47 Plymouth coupe, '55 motor, excell. runninggear.

HE 4-7169. $75 or offers. 874-3504 Buick "Convertible 277-1686 1946 '46" Chev. coupe, '51 motor. W.W.

tires. $110. CA 4-3676 after 6. 1941 Mi" Ford coupe. '5fi Buick" motor A 7-16HJ.

i2 FordTturn heater, de- Group Scores With Oklahoma omtd radio, new battery. 987-6BH8. For Custnmline, SeTT or trade for pickup. MU 2-4S27 after 6. Ninnara.

radio, auto; trans. Offers. 2397 lloskins N. Van U5-2044. '54 Ford automatic.

$205. No down payment. B.A. Seivice, Broadway Alma. CA Chev.

de luxe 2-door, clean ear. Private. 422 3rd New West-rnjnsterwepkend. '54 Hiliman, good tires bixly. Engine needs work, $i0.

YU AIRCRAFT 420 frost, radio. $60, 874-9409 '52 Meteor Victory H.T., fully Bowman Is president of the equip. LY Abhotsford Aircraft" Sales Ltd. T-i AhKrtlufrtrrl HP 1 ou 4 -ri ech anlcat exc. r.J.

190 horse Stinson, like new, $4995. 29S-5629; '52 Pontiac 2-dr. R. H. $150.

325-6509. HE 3-4434 B.C. distributors ror Mooney Aircraft Phone 85.2ll4 nfnrt ri VI Health Unit Backs Sewer Vote ABBOTSFORD, (Cor re- spondent) Officials of the Upper Fraser Valley Health Unit have supported a sewer installation bylaw to be placed before voters in Abbotsford, Sumas and Matsqui on March 14. Medical Director of the Health Unit, Dr. A.

S. Arneil, said passage of the bylaw would be a welcome development. "We are becoming increasingly concerned over the ultimate destination of some -of the effluent resulting from a '52 Vauxhall heater, good city tested, $150. MU 3-5198. Gov't approved pilot training for UBC Liberal Club which this week won the university's annual election, capturing 45 per cent of the total student vote.

Bowman's right-hand-man is Bruce Johnstone, also of Chilliwack. The model parliament will sit twice, on Feb. 14 when it visits the University of Wash '41 prymouth FA 1-8935 1'40 Coune body parts. Sun. Mbiv only.

3738 W. 24th. 1939 '52 Merc Good motor tires. TR 4-3175 DUNCAN (Correspondent) Duncan Musical Club got off to a favorable start Friday with its opening presentation of Oklahoma in Cowichan Senior Secondary School auditorium. Performances will be given tonight and Feb.

14-15. UMVfllC OE U'tlllliril-ia" it, v.m, Night instrument endorsem*nt, A I.I TltW '54 Oxfoid, good running order. Seen Norgate Texaco. Offers to '54 Ciiev. 6, radioTtxcellent Chev.

Exc. conlJT all" around. $255 AG dragster, 292 cu.ln. compl. Chev.

eng. 671 G.M.C. blower Hillborn injectors. All parts like new, sell compl. or in parts, plus extra Chev.

equip. Compl. new Hali-brant quick change (Ford). Phone 434-6389 or write Bob Work, 5395 Wales. yan-oyver.

FAST SERVICE Brake Repairs Valve Grind Tune Ups GRANVILLE MOTORS 68th A Granville AM 6-7540 Does your car need painting? Phone Western Auto Metal. 876-9533. NO ONE BUT NO ONB can guarantee a better job. Our price you can afford we will arrangefinancing. PACIFIC AUTOMATIC Reas.

Prices. 6 Mo. to Pay, Courtesy Car Free Towing. All wk. guar.

6 mo. or 10.000 ml. 78JictoriaDr. 3212018 '53 IDeSofo trans. $10, rear end $10.

motor $20, new brake shoes, good tinted glass, misc. parts. IF A O-0468. "COAST AUTOMATIC- Specialized service. All makes.

4722 Imperial. 431-3122: 431-3798. Abbots ford Airport. B.C. 112, 859-8222.

cond. $395. RE 3-6901. ffrhoo, xtir.FS ''54" Dodge. 1 lie tiiiy ji-nt Mnnna RPAIinil Nash Ambassador, twin Ignition or nearest otrer KJS-M935.

52 Mercury. Auto, trans. Private. $295. HE 3-S4SS, '52 Meteor $150" Appl y2338 EjJSt hpr 435-8694 '52 Cadillac, A-l.

fufl power, $325. Priv. Eves. 876-7316. 874-744B 6.

10 view pn. A 1-9000. school. Airline Instructors. Enroll "'39 sedan," $85.

any time. i iw. 2-oraO. 'o4Pontiac, excellent. Best offer.

Pr. iate. 7411 F.dmonds. B'by. '54 convert.

Al run cond. 299-5948 'pnpon'tiac. mechanic's special, $100. TR 6-1819. AUCTIONS AUCTIONS XfrcraftT'lvwood "Best Meteor sedan, $99.

"5775 CK 8-014J '39 Ford must sellT offer. LA 1-4691 before 5. 1938 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0 MM "Auintpv" Fnhrlc Kmgsway, Bby. '52 Chev. R.TL Best trans.

Reasonable, tested. HE 4-0151. Ultralight Aricraft WA 2-7461 Priv. '54 Rambler. Best offer.

431-2924 '38 Bulck-McXauglin, $T50 or Chev. coach. Excellent condi LEGALS tion. I 4-92S1 A-l near ofler. 733-J946.

1936 1954 Pontiac sedan, clean, S323. FA 7-5065. eoori new clutch. AL 3-1761 '54 Buick best offer. WE 9-7233 '52 Doiige Coronet 2-dr.

69,000 miles. Offers. 433-6990. Chopped Top Ford. '48 Mere, race, lots of chrome.

Damaged. Offers.521-8917 '36 "Chevy, 2-df best offer. TR 6-3881 steady build up of the area," '52Dodge sedan, runs '54 Hardlop '55 Buick sedan. Both S330, Phone 594-0098. '54 Chev.

auto. 5-pass. coupe, AUTOMATICS R. Jtr V. Automotive TnH good.

21JU Kingsway. VERY ATTRACTIVE AUCTION SALE OF EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES AT 1404 COMMERCIAL DRIVE TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 11th AT 7 P.M. Brown Danish modern chesterfield suite, sectional chesterfield, bed-chesterfields, rockers, occasional chairs, coffee step tables, love seat, modern bedroom suites, (rood maple bunk beds, twin ft 4'8" Hollywood beds, dressers, chests- of drawers, rollaway bed, lamp end tables, piano, elec. sewinit machines, Danish modern desks, writing desks, several TV's, radios, quantity brass-ware, rugs, bedding, blankets, drapes, modern refrigerators, elec. ranges, nil ranges heaters, auto.

wringer washers, rangettcs, deep freeze, good barrel garbage burner. GOODS ON VIEW ALL DAY TUESDAY 5Jou. 1934 '52 Pontiac. Offers, YU 7-3420. S.

Bby. HE i-2929 54" Chev. 2-door, $25f '52 Chevrolet 4-dr. sedan. $1507" New grill iniumpers Ford.

Sun. Mon, only. 3738 W. Vancouver Transmission Standard auto, lowest prices. HE 1-1919 or YU 8-4015 eves.

WA-87(7 '52 Chev. Good cond 24th, 1931 TR B-8948 DEPARTMENT OP Pl'BLIC WORKS NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS ADDITION TO SIGN SHOP DEPARTMENT OF HIGHWAYS LANGFORO, B.C. TFNriF.Rs; endorsed "Addi Wrecking '54 Chev, '51 Buick, '51 Pont, stn wEnnew lie. Snow tires rora, tz uodge, '49 Chrysler and '31 Ford sports coupe, $325. CY 8-3369 bra Kes, Slop.

FA 5-14hS lb-63b! Private, must sell Doageltegent De luxe 4-door sedan.CY 9-2529. '54" Monarch H.T., full radio. 321-tf674. Ford Customline. radio, heater, $125 or best of fer.

YU 5-124S. H.T.r2-dr. Nice iust tested. 5395 321-842L Transportation." $100. 2966 W.

4th. he said. Estimated cost of the proposed sewer installation is 062,000. It would serve the village of Abbotsford and parts of Sumas and Matsqui municipalities. Cost would be split among the three areas with Matsqui paying the biggest share of $490,000.

Share for Sumas is $377,000 and Abbotsford, '59 Pfvm trnnH cnnfl S'nO. nrlv ouiers. wanieu, cars ior wrecking, FA 5-0121; Res, FA 1-1645. 1930 tion to Sisn Shop Department of W-iy( Or 431-1666, '53 Pontiac American straight 8i Highway Langford. B.C.

will be Model A motor A transTSunday received by the Minister of plidiic Rare '52 Chev. hdtp. RE 8-8037 only. 3738 w. ftn.

''30 Ford coach, Olds, powered, privately owned since adlllac, Must sell. $375. '54 A.T.. new, goon cona. s-iya.

(b-a-is. 52 Nash Rambler." 2-dr. Good 1929 Works, Parliament Buildings, victoria, B.C., up to 2:00 P.M. on Thursday, the 2Hh day of February IfUH, and opened in public at that time and place. Drawings, Specifications and Gen-i eral Conditions of Contract may be, obtained by bon fide General Con-j cond.

Best offer. HE 1-0906. auto, trans, fine cond. Needs motor, $50 or best offer. 914 E.

15 anyjime. AL 5-7984, $35--TRANSMISSIONS up Installed. GuarlTR 4-2234 Ceramic Armour coated. Lifetime JN3259. '58 Olds, '52 Olds, '53 Pontiac, '51 Ford.

Good motor Mintage car. Ford pickup, excel. '52 Pontiac, $125. AUCTIONEER Phone AL 5-0911 HUGE VARIETY OF OTHER FURNITURE NOT LISTED cond. Best offer.

Mount Cheam motel, Koseqaie. tractors only on and atter i 1927 1357 2nd Ave. $195, excel, cond. 'J4 licence. CY8-4843.

$10 $9 mo. '52 Meteor cus- tom, Sterling Motors, 2796 Hast- 2-rii. h.t. Priv. 224-3507.

$19554 Olds. V8 stick Will finance. 2150 Kingsway 54 Ford $195 4lh Commercial Dr. AL 3-2430 r54 Plymouth Savoy, 4-dr. 78,000 miles.

WE 9-5387. '54 Xhev. Bel Air 2-3oor. $300. 6Sl-77a5 orJ524-3116.

Reasonable. '54 Zephyr, gooj clean cond. 254-1140. Chev. 4-dr, std, excel, fires, runs perfect, $250 or? RE 3-4848.

'27 Ford Model A. '48Merc. twin carbs. Needs work. What isi J-1 or 5-1-3458 twit, from the Liepanmeni 01 t-utjnv Works.

Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C. for the sum of Ten Dollars for each set, which is not1 refundable. Plans and snecif ications TERRY'S BRITISH CA EPAtR 1951 oflers. Can be seen at lvtn Heather B.A. Station, 879-3142.

Vtna A'TO U7 lth Terms. TR fr-1223': eves. 261-4302 also oe on view at uie louywum MISCELLANEOUS offices: Superintendent of works. Bill wesi: i-'th Avenue. Vancouver 9.

B.C. AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION'S Call HE 1-7226 any time. Courtesy cars Terms. The Vancouver Builders Exchange, 2HT5 Oak Street, Vancouver B.C. MacLean Building Reports, 11155 West, '51 Prefect.

1964 plates, rebuilt engine, transmission rear end, 4 new 15" Dominion Royal white wall tires, reversed rims Baldy caps, Hiliman tail lights. HE 1-8074 after 5p.m. '51 Cadillac hardtop 2-dr. 2-tone paint. R.

H. W.W. tires, new upholstery, new brakes shocks. Rebuilt motor trans. In top cond.

Sale price $550. AL 5-5481, 000. Recreation Bylaw Given 3 Readings CHILLIWACK (Correspondent) Chilliwack city council has given three readings to, a new bylaw establishing a five- Cuarant. Transmissions $35 $55 Installed. TP.

2-1012 BAILIFF'S SALE! By -lrtue of the Rent Distress Act we have seized from ran-dell Plumbing Ltd. plumbing equipment tools upon instructions from M. C'randeil, to recover $400 rent plus nil posts of seizure and sale. The plumbing equipment and tools to be sold to the highest bidder on or after February Jl, llllil, 10:30 a.m., may be viewed at J708 ft 77H0 Edmonds Burnahy. B.C.

Bl II-NABY INTKR-I IT OI.I.EC-TION AGENCY ft BAILIFF LTD, STE. 4(171 Kingsway, Buniaby 1, B.C. Phone 433-4711. FAIR REPAIRS '54 Pontiac 2-dr. sedan, reliable transport.

Clean. AM 1-7573. Meteor, std, tested. A-l snow tires. Offers.

RE 3-5949 Vanguard Sedan, $73 or best Offer. HE 1-7341. 1954 Voiks. Sunroof, A-l me-chamcal. 423.AM 6-4769.

'54 Plymouth sedan, exc. condl Guar. work, automatics, engine, cm ten, lu iie-u prake. 8 The Bai'leHT'Cpntre Tor tfieTiPst vs. int.

NO DOWN PAYMT, '59 Meteor 2-dr, 6 cyl, standard, radio $1095 '57 Dodge 4-dr. Excellent running condition 495 '55 Dodge 2-dr. Good running order 250 '53 Chev. 4-dr. Good trans.

195 '53 Chrysler 2-dr. hardtop. Excel, cond. throughout 395 '53 Dodge sedan 89 '51 Chevrolet 4-dr 95 '53 Studebaker Lowboy 250 Thomas Motors Ltd. 715 Kingsway TR 45830 ED.

SCHRAlOlOTORS '56 VW. de luxe bus $695 meieoi. ucyeouavie. iauiu. tires, as new.

battery new, doors need little attention. $125. YU SHERIFF'S SALE PROVINCE OF BRITISH COM MBIA COLNTY OK WESTMINSTER TO WIT: Under and by virtue of a Warrant of Execution to me directed and delivered against the goods and chattels of Robert Ray Teagle at the suit of Wm. Sinser Realty Ltd. I have seized and will sell by public auction at Motors, 133 K.

Columbia Street, New Westminster, B.C.. on Wednesday the 1'Jth day nf February, 1IMI4, at 12:31) o'clock in the afternoon, all the right title and interest nf the defendant, in the following to satisfy the judgment debt and costs here- 1955 Meteor Fordor, B.C. Licence No. 135-409. Terms of Sale; CASH or CERTIFIED CHEQUE Dated at New Westminster, B.C., this 4th day of February, 1904.

FRANK R. COTTON Sheriff of the County of Westminster $195. Dave, 11 1-9 jo.a. 54 good transuortaUon. 5-3629.

1 owner '51 Olds 88 auto, radio, What offers? 6928 Knight. 1953 runs as new, $250. Owner, 738- battery value. RE 8-0110, 3066 W. Broadway, Repairs, trouble sTiooting, motor analyzing, expert tune-up.

brake rep. Honest work, $3 879-9994. Do-it-yourself garage, rebuilt used auto parts. 3698 Grandvicw Hwy, HE 3-0610. Steam cleaner, portable, fflals-bury.

like new, $550. Esso Station, Cassiar For sale, used earaee. e'ouln. IncT. member recreation commis- 4th Avenue, Vancouver The Architectural Centre, 142i West Pender Street, Vancouver fi, B.C.

Industrial Construction Centre Limited, IOL'7 West Broadway, Vancouver 9, B.C. Victoria Building Industries Exchange, 548 Bastion, Victoria, B.C. Alt enquiries relating to specifica-tioi. and tendering procedures shall be directed to the Department of Public Works, Victoria, B.C. 1 Each Tender must be accompanied by a Bid Bond in an amount equal to five per cent of the tender! price.

A Performance and a Labour and Material Payment Bond each in the amount of fifty per cent (sni of the tendered sum and in a form acceptable to the Minister of Finance, 1 must then be provided by the successful tenderer prior to the award of the Contract, all in accordance with the Conditions of Contract. THE COMPLETE FORM OF TEN- i DF.R INCLUDING SUB-CONTRACTOR AND UNIT PRICE LIST FORMS MUST BE COMPLETED. SIGNED STTTDown $10 Month 5tAmrnTeoorW-cSsh SS JSlSmr fnr IT oliimn nr carton hnat. LEGALS sion. Fv-l Vnivl.

Tori conn 'M rora. top conu. vvp ti im '53 Buick, tested $12o WE A tentative slate of members 51 "Pontiac couoe. good ruboer, '53 Austin sedan $12. Floor hoist, compr, oil furnace, R.

H. excel, motor. $85. CY 8-1886. after 6 p.m.

'56 Stude. Low boy, v-8, std, o.d '55 VW. de luxe radio '55 Chrys, New Yorker, p.s, Bb, radio odge Station Wgn. $795 $395 $695 $195 $125 $125 eic, an 1 1 new pa its. .1 1 it '50 Dodie waebn.

'48 Pontiac has been selected but their names and appointments are being withheld pending final passage of the bylaw. '51 Mark'V Jaguar, Classic saloon. Radio heater. Fair con," coupe. '51 Buick sedan.

1357 E. 50 De8olo Club Coupe 1435Kingsvay TR 9-4333 Meteor V8, metallic green, in clean good tires, $300 or best offer. Fri. eves. bet.

6 9, Sat. bet. 3 9 p.m. 432 12th St, '53 Dodge sedan, good body, su morns uxtora seo 50 Morris Minor convert. znd Ave gjiion.pnone o-oa.

$10 dn, $10" mo, '51-MonarcH, orig. throughout. Sterling, 2795 E. Four 71 CMC supercharger trlm- 65 49 Austin Recreation commission will niea pousneo case wua enrome 2639 Kingsway HE 1-2919 tin st. 51 Fleetwood Cadillac, new ti res 0O11S.

S5b. KE7248. "156-r60 Mercury truck Paris. 17 running gear tires. Heater, sig- Ferguson Motors In Downtown Ladner IN THE SUPREME COURT OF BRITISH COLUMBIA Between JULIA STANKOWSKI Plaintiff And MICHAEL CHUDYK Defendant NOTICE TOl MICHAEL CHUDYK TAKE NOTICE that an action has been commenced against you in the Supreme Court of British Columbia under number S-21563 under and bv virtue of a certain Agreement for Sale dated Twentieth day of June A.

D. lotil and made between the Plaintiff herein as Vendor and the Defendant Michael Chudyk as Purchaser, registered in the Land Registry Office at the City of Kamloops, under number IK1S02-E, covering ALL AND SINGULAR that certain parcel and tract of land situated l.vlnif and being in the Town of North Km. $225. nals eiec. wiper, operate in conjunction with a similar group to be set up in Chilliwack township.

paint, Gd. Cond. Bargain. Pn- vateJRE3-3929. 'Si Pnntiur rle luxe HaHlo.

Good LEGALS AL 5-6172. WITH THE ACTUAL SIGNATURE OF THE TENDERER, AND ENCLOSED IN THE ENVELOPE PROVIDED, OR IN AN ENVELOPE CLEARLY EN 62 T-Bird H.T, white split rims, 4-speed trans, parts reas.299-4872 or 2 hew snow tires, first line town country, 600-16, $30 or offer. ET'SlXNTC'STlJEN cond. $170. HE 1-4790.

3207 Pen- ticton. '51 HTUman In running order, 165 Council also approved a '63 T-Bird H.T. Black cherry $4400 62 Olds. "88" Sedan $2800 63 Chevrolet 2-Door $2400 Fersuson's in Ladner ME 53 Monarch auto. 4 new tires, real good cond.

HE 1-1919 eves. YU 8-4015. Wiliva. lireiiseri running. or swap for 7 FA i-S33a.

Phone 946-4121Eves. WE9-3264 $250. DORSED WITH THE FULL TlTIt: OF THE PROJECT. No tender will be considered having any qualifying clauses whatsoever or which does not meet completely all requirements indicated above. The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted.

or offer. Mech's. special '53 Monarch, good body, p.s, p.vv. '60 Chev. sdn, equip, clean, recommendation that another man be hired to assist the superintendent of the inter-municipal sewer system.

Both T5ual exhaust kit for Ford '55, '58, $25, hub caps, 3-bar, 14-in. $18, YU 7-6221. Five 750x14" de iuxeChamp. Fire-slone low profile tires. A.M 6-9430.

Wrecking '48 Merc. 4 parts P.B. 512a. $1095. '59 Vauxhall sdn, economical, $595.

'59 Rambler sdn, clean, $795 or '56 Plymouth sdn. Cit 8-Zfi '5TBulck" sedan, goocTlihape, AL 3-J098 rustin A40. Good condition, $120. Phone YU 7-7289. ''53 Hiilm'an convert, nearly new top.

11. Kecenuy re-upnui i neap. AL 3-1411, councils accepted the applica tiereq, uns we 1 1, 40 im 1 '52-'54 Ford fender skirts, radio. DEPARTMENT OF PI'BLIC WORKS in the Province of British Columbia. and mora Bonding of suo-coniraciors oy me General Contractor is recommended by this Department.

Tenders not available for ODCnfnfi! at Sa' Chev" radio, rebuilt motor, auto, equip, line new, Lincoln H.T, equip. A beauty. $1195 or '55 Chev. sdn, equip, runs good, $595. Private, 2475 'SfSfude VS, rebuilt motor, new tion of Richard Downing.

known and described as: good transportation, $150 or offer. 1 Olds, radio. HE ltS62. Wrecking "50 "SustTh, aH "paTts. ures i 51 IVTonarrh spflnn.

$150. the proper time and place will be Napier, 255-2998, Ph. RE 1-3393. NOTICE TO CONTRA! TOHS FOINIIATIONS, RTRIICTI'RAL STEELWORK AND ROOFING PLBLIC WORKS Ht ILUI.NG, BI'RNABY, B.C. SEALED TENDERS endorsed "Foun T7irn Tin K-Uw tiros i FA 1-1101 iMt v.

Block 1, District Lot 255. Kamloops Division Yale District, Plan 112S. fA) Payment of all monies $149 F.P. "5l Chev. Pontiac, Al motor, trans, rear, radio, etc.

434-0440. motor. Brake reliiied, clutch. City '51 Foi orig miles, $27a tested. What offers'; CA 4-6nt'3.

51-631 returned to sender. W. N. CHANT. Minister of Public Works.

Department of Public Works, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C. Wtd left sld door of '58 fhev. 'M MiinmvrT new motor, radio, dations, Structural Steelwork and Panel. 435-9238. rienenriahlB transn.

936-2324. Hooting Public Works Building, Burnaby. B.C." will be received by 50 Meteor, all Darts, also 'K4 the Plaintiff under the respective covenants In the Agreement by Twentieth of June A. D. I mil, registered in the land Registry Office In Kamloops.

British Columbia, under number H0SH2-E, and such costs as 'Si Pontiac. R. A H. Sigs. Coda Olds.

HE 4-S905. the Minister of Public Works, Parlia snaoe siiju. zm-jju. '53 "Fort! deluxe sedan, radio, as new, '64 lie. 4429 Kingsway.

HE '53 Austin, Ideal 2nd car. Cedar Motors, 335 No. 3 Rd, Rich. 2i8- fTf-Sr. KTl? class cond.

Just tested, $22o. 731- Rebuilt VW 36 HP. enelne. Full ment Buildings, victoria, B.C., up to 2:00 P.M. on Thursday, the 2(lth day '51 chevv sedan 2-dr.

Call after wouia oe payanie it tnis claim would be the oniy release claimed. 12 V. transistor power radio. Kits anything, $35. TR 6-2072.

p.m. re a-xna. '51 Olds', customized, new paint, of February and opened in public at that time and place. (Bi That in default of th Pimitl Drawinas. bpecitlcationa and Gen 6 V.

car aerial. Suit VW and the Defendant agreeine as to the 102Y. 1956 Pontiac, '55 Fairlane, '52 Chev, '54 Nash Rambler. $10 dn, $3 per week. Belmont Motor Co.

Ltd. Broadway at FrRser $1000 $100 25 to choose from, 1941-1956. Automatic standard transmissions, 2 4-dr. sedans, some with radios. Hurry for these.

Phone JohnrlghtavvayCY 9-4415 '56 Chev. automatic -'56 Chev. standard '55 Chev. automatic '57 Chev. standard Priced from $595 Jo $895.

278-8481. 405 SPORTS, IMPORTED CmW eral Conditions of Contract may be obtained on and after February 10, amount due to the Plaintiff, an or Volvo, $35. TR 6-2072. 5130. CA.

8-871)5. '51 Merc, extras, at 435 K. 38. '51 Hiliman $75 12 V. Transistor power P-B DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORT VANCOUVER, B.C.

TENDERS addressed to the undersigned marked "Fertilizing and Seeding Approximately 110 Acres at Kamloops Airport" will be received up to Mill PM, P.S.T, February "JH, lwi4 for the Fertilizing and Seeding of 11 11 acres at Kamloops Airport, Kamloops, B.C. Plans, specifications and other tender documents may be obtained on application to the Regional Purchasing Agent at Room Winch Building, West Hastings Street, Vancouver 1. B.C. iiDon receipt of a certified account may be taken of what is due to the Plaintiff from the Defendant under and by virtue of the said Sub-Rieht to Purchase. CA 4-nb3 '53 Meteor customline 2-dr.

gedan, auto, extra clean. Will sacrifice. fi26io84. Chev, auto, 4-dr, good running coud, clean, $2o0. from the superintendent of Works, MU West 12th Avenue, Vancouver B.C.

and the Department of Public Works. Parliament Build- radio, tk6-T2. '57-'B8 Ford p-b radio, $407 TR 6-2072 School Head Will Retire NANAIMO (Staff) Bran-nen Lake School superintendent Fred Hassard will retire shortly. No successor has boon named. Walt Shogan is assistant superintendent.

Hassard has been in charge of the school since it was built at East Wellington in 1955. He has 32 years service with the provincial social welfare department and was for merly with the boys' industrial school (Bisco) at Vancouver. '5THinman, Xady driven, excel cond. Tested $125. RE 3-2122.

'5iTiyniouth sedan, cTtjTTestfjar ICI An inquiry whether nnvthfns Ines, Victoria, C. for the sum of LA 2-9WU and what Is due to the Plaintiff (ni "Wrecking '52 Buick sedan for parts. 298-2330. Fhev' 9-dr iTTT. chrome rims, Ten Dollars (sin.oiu for each set, which is not refundable, Plans and nny ana wnat cnarnes and expenses In respect of the said Agreement for Wrecking rriotoFBlSfn tach.

gauges. pfers.ALJ specifications will also be on view at rrivate.'iou alter o. '51 Olds, $125 or small car, VII 7.4'JOfi. All Paris reas.

BR 7-8X45. Meteor 4-rir. RE 3-5039. No reas. the fo nwinff off ees: 3550" To l)e 51 Ford pickup, Superintendent of Works, 501 West aaie oeyona tne costs of this action (Dl An Order that the said Agreement for Sale be enforced by foreclosure or sale.

offcrj-efused. '53 Meteor, re-cond. motor, new wrecked. Ml eves. '51 "studebaker.

A 1 motor, need's starter. $75. 434-0440. 1-14115 1-14ii5 IJtn Avenue. Vancouver 9, B.C.

60 Austin Healey, $3lKl0THarcT-top, new tires; Semperlt, super snorts, snow tires wilh wheels, Wtd; Oldsmoblle-motor. The Vancouver Builders Exchange, (El The anoolntment nf cheque for made payable to the Receiver General of Canada. Plans and specifications for this project may be examined at the 51 Chev. 2-tono. R.

$95. and Manager of the said property Mac-Lean's Building Reports, West URW 4th Avenue. Vancouver 11. B.C. battery, 8-8778.

Needs new radiator. $90 WIL 2-9428. $115 or ocst offer. HE 3-5771. S3 TorddrUc'lc.

Ready to perfeetcondltlnn.8f4-H3,l9. Mark II Sprite hardtopHttadlo, heater, tonneau, etc. Red with black, Interior. cond. 736- Building Construction industries tx-rhanee nf B.C..

Vancouver: McLean innuueu me saia Agreement Jos Sale. (F) ncllvery by the Defendant to The Architectural Centre, 1425 West WK 9-1510. SO-ofd trans. r'ad. mlsc, parts '30 to '53 Ford.

Sun. Mon only. 3738 W24t h. '58 Ford ton rear end. 874-7637.

51. Fold, good connmon iuau. Y1J 8-l). '51 Pontiac 2-dr, radio, $1107 WA 2-2631. Pender Street.

Vancouver R. B.C. Building Reports, Suite am, 1(V West Industrial Construction Centre Lim 4th Avenue, Vancouver- Industilal Construction Centre. 1(127 West Broad ine piainiitt ot possession of the said property. (C, A Lis Pendens.

fit Triumph So tf re. 2500 miles, so. ited, KI27 West Broadway, Vancouver 9. B.C. aa new.

Value $2050, Howls, fenders, grills r4tV8t "'53 4-dr, cheup. way, Vancouver; Kamloops and District Building Exchanue. Kamloons. Mech. Parts, etc.

aw-iiiKM. sell or trade ior American car. All enquiries relating to specification and tendering procedures shall be directed to the Department of 911 hast 'itn Ave. Runs looks good. B.C.

and Room fdi. Winch Building, New auxiliary water pump for 8-0423 (HI The costs of foreclosure or sale. (Ii Such further or other relief as to this Honourable Court may aeem meet. 7U9 West Hastings Street. Vancouver 59 H'S white, red Interior, $175.

2.3-2.120. Pub Ic Works. Victoria. B.C. t.neiisn car.

LA 1-1w. New" McCulloc SUPER CITARgER 1, B.C. JroiiTScdun, $145. Each Tender must he accompanied radio, tonneau cover, w.w's. Private.

$1195. WE 9-9338. '51 Morris Minor. CooOnd car. ,155, 299-2915.

"'51 Chev with rebuilt Olds mill. Best cash offer. 683-0815. '51 Merc, coupe, r. dependable, Joh rt.HE 3-3098.

J950 '50 Morris "Minor, fair body, good tires upholstery. Engine In parts i all new), to be put back together, $05. HE 1-1147, 6-9 p.m. AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE by a Bid Bond in an amount equal to I.IE3-2H9li Or.HK 1-N61L 51 '53" Mrrls Uxfo'rd'a, good Regional Director, Air Services. five per cent (5r) of the tender '59 G.A.

Snorts. Excel, cond. Priv. 1088 Southrldge, Rich. 277- tnat ny an order of His Honour Judge Linday, Local Judge of the Supreme Court of British Columbia, made the price.

A Performance and a Labour pnrts. ALJ7613, "Wrecking '62 Anglia 105 ETaTl" and Material Payment Rond each In 6320 DEPARTMENT OF FORESTS AM WATER RESOURCES 4th day of February, A D. 10114, leave 61 White Austin Ilea lev. exc. the amount of fifty per cent riO) of nans, Keas.

we a-ioiu. the tendered sum and In a form ann rervp you wun writ of summons herein by publishing a conv nf thn "Mo'TiV fecotitfrTrioior, new 7-i371. siii, new VS eng. trans.s7'l-4793. '53 Vangiiui'd, good Ures, etc, $10.

278-2170. '53" Caddy Hardtop. Tour kit. P.S,. good cond, $500.

59U-6S23. '53 Mercury, auto, radio. li. after 6. Wrecking '54 Olds, convert.

AH SEALED TF.NDF.HS will be received oond. Hard soft tops, overdrive. Mustsell.AM J-4523. 'ti Tha rli.nnest WlTm acceptable to the Minister of Finance, must then be Drovided by the suc FA. same in one Issue of the Vancouver Rodvman's special.

T)0 Ford 1US by the District Forester at prince Rimert. C. not later than 119111 a.m. sun The Vanrouver Province, and tomlzed, '53 Chrysler floor cessful tenderer prior to the award of 1090 W. Georgia, MU 2- Prince George Citizen newspaper was scrap meinis car pickup.

581-3954. '51 Austin trans, rebuilt. $45. tne contract, all in accordance with the conditions or contract. THE COMPLETE FOHM OF TEN grantett in tne Pinintlff: ANIJ FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that you must within twenfv-one days W' on the 2Mh day of February, for the purchase of Licence Xtiaiil, to rut cubic feet of spruce, hemlock, cedar, olher ppcries awlogs, on an area situated West of Skidegate Thnnnnl ITrnunre lnletl Uueen Char DER INCLUDING SUB-CONTKACIDR '53 Dodge" sed.

Slantf! trans" No-Belt Driver Hurled From Car DELTA (Staff) A Lang-ley man who neglected to use his seat belt was thrown from his car when It hit a concrete marker on Dcas Thru way early today. Leo Gibbs, 19530 Trans-' Canada Highway, suffered, minor injuries when his car left the highway two miles south of the tunnel and side-swiped the marker at 12:15 a.m. He was taken to Vancou-. ver General Hospital for "Emergency auto "repairs A service calls. 253-0986.

shut, mech. good, front end damage, $100 or best offer. TR 2-5868, Kurd," 303 cu. in, Olds, Dom. R.

Masters, new paint. Nnugahyde uphol, '50 Dodge," new butt, good Tires cily tested. $87. B.A, 65th Crnnville from the date of publication of this New cond. $350, Dick, HE AND UNIT PRICE LIST FORMS MUST BE COMPLETED, SICNF.D Repair, motor tune-uns.

brakes. isoiice, enier an annenrance signed by yourself or your Solicitor in the lotte Land District. Six (l years will WITH THE ACTUAL SIGNATURE overhaul. $3i() hr.879-3904. '53 Eord" Top cond, $95 522-9391 1 JS3 l-'i iV i tu I i-.

auto. OF THE TEND I- HER. AND KNCLOS-irr IM TUV Ant- Kamloops Land Registry Office of this Honourable Court In answer to the claims herein and unless you do so. the Plaintiff may proceed in this Wrecking '50 Pontiac. Parts cheap.

255-1489. Wrecking '49 Plymouth. BOoH Private '50 Chev. 4DH. modliiOO.

chocolate brown, metallic, best offer. 581-F342 anytime TR-3 TR-4 Volvo Granville Motort 68th Granville AM 1-1823 "Sports Car Tuning Westward Power Englneerlnir E. Hastings St. CY 8-4188 UBC student must sell 1963 white MG Midget, exc. cond, 1 owner.

Hill, AM 3-4502, Needs repa irT Frli-edror quick sale. 715 Kingsway. 874- 5830. 'Mi C. A Rebuilt, motors trans.

OR IN AN ENVELOPE CLEARLY ENDORSED WITH THE FULL TITLE S3 Merry" oveidrivc. Sell or 64 licence. AM 1-2174. '50" Pontiac. $50.

UK HE PRO.IKCT. action and judgment may he given against vou in your absence. DATFf) at Kamloops, British No tender will be considered having HIS 1-3773 be allowed for removal of timoer. As this area Is within the CJueen Charlotte Y.U, which is fully committed, this sale will be awarded under the provisions of section If Hal of the Forest Art, which Rives the timber-sale applicant certain privilege Further particulars may be obtained from the District Forester, Pnnre Rupert, B.C., or the Forest Ranger, Queen Charlotte City, B.C. motor parts.

21 -6500. Wrecking. '54 Mercury sedan" parts. HE 3-8902. 5052 Slocnn.

'49 custom radio. Excellent cond, $725. HE 1-3656. any aiuiiifyina' clauses whatsoever or which does not meet completely all requirements indicated above. The '50" Dodge.

0- 1357 E. 2ndAve. '50 Austin. Good body, tires, extra tarts. Not running.

Cheap, UK nfler fi m. lowest or any tender will not neces sarily he accepted. Columbia, this 4th day of February, A. D. I'M.

Mtt.I.WArm, ROBINSON FETTERLY, Solicitor for the Plaintiff, siit Victoria Street, Kamloops, British Columbia. renders not ava Inhie for open nil '50 Chev, seda runs', need's some work. What offers? FA 7- at the proper tlmo and place will be Auto, trans. Guaranteed 5000 ml. Call 327-7O10l, '52 Meleor, 'ST Poritl'ac parts very rheap.

Til CracVedTuiock or head repair. 8-5 p.m. LA 2-6226; eves. 5SJ276, New top, tires. Phone Sat.

p.m. or Sun. morn. HE 1-68(18. wreck.

253-9170. '53 Chev. sedan, exc. running cond, good tirea. CY 8-0390.

tluds'oii Jel. STgnuls. I-588S, 1'onllac 2-door. Good all round, clean. MU 4-3748.

'53 Morris stn, wagon. R. Tf. Good cond. RE 3-803.

MU 5-7035. '53 De Soto V-8. Fully powered. Sacrifice $185. 513 Dunlevy St.

'53 Meteor sed, Good eng. $100 rnsh.JMust sell! HE 3-8013. Hiliman." Good 2nd" far.TA 2-9338. '53 Austin FA 5-0130 Tni'lliliie Coune de'VlUe returned to sender. W.

N. CHANT. Minister of Public Works, Dennrtment of Public Works, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C. '63 Series 3 G.T. Alpine.

Fully Enulp, Lowrnlle, $210(1. LA2-1844. TH3, "23,000 miles, Fvp rniiil 1)34-9353. NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the matter nf His of ALEX 60 Ford PICKUP. Exc.

cond, low mileage, $3100. Eves. 1-9394. ANDER- (HARIiS KIHKBItlUK, Dereasrri. fnrmfrlr tif 855 No.

3 '50 MleV do love UW '64" Morris forced to Good motor, floor shift St split sell. WA 2-85(0. DEPARTMENT OF LANDS. FORESTS Classic" Jan'." Mark Saloon. AND WAT1R RhSOURI TIM II IH HAI.K X91JR8 NOTICE TO CREDITORS DOI'CEAS MhHUKK, formerly of 2R5 56th Avenufl, I.arhlne, Que-hfc, mid Also 30) Marln Drlvo, West Vanruuvfr, Urltlnh Columbia, IIECEASEII.

NOTICE! IS HFREBY GIVEN that creditors and others havinic claims auatnst the KstHio of the above deceased are hcrehy rcouired to send them to the unrirrsiimed executor at 4.15 Howe Street, Vancouver, B.C., on or before the 15th day of March, An. after which data the executor will distribute the said F.stHte amnng the parties entitled thereto having rcaard only to the clnlins of which It then hns nntlc-e. THE CROWN TRUST COMPANY, Fxeciitor, nv: COWAN. TW1NIW1. COLLINS, MacDON AI.D and WOOSTER.

Its Solicitors. SEALED TLNDEHS will be received by the District at Prince Monarch." going tniown in. 435-5159. '50 Ford "sedan. K.

jl. Mech-anlc's special. Offers. HE 4-1075- '50 Olds. 8-dr." Torpedo, no motor, good cond.

$45. RE 1-4288. '50 Ford. Good transportation. HE 4-4471 ''50 sedan, $100, Call Exc.

cond. $550 299-f089. '57 TR-3. Immaculate. RE 8-4891 Sprite.

tllte new7 LA rhean. HH 7-1817. Rimert. BC. not Liter than 1 "0 a Hon it.

Richmond. British Columftla. Credltora and others having claims against the above estate are required to send, full, particulars, of. such claims to the underslcned at Suite Mil, s7fl No. 3 Road, Richmond.

British Columbia on or before the 2nd of March, A D. I '( after which date the Executrix will distribute the ssid estate among the parties entitled thereto having regard only to claims which ha'-e brrn rercved. ELIZABETH Mar DONALD, E-eruti IX. By: L. A.

T. Moscley, Solicitor, Rlrtlinnnd. on the 2Mh day of February, I'm. for the purchase of Licence X'H-Iss, to cut Uis.iuiii cubic feet of spruce, hemlock, cedar and other species sawloas Ford Ranch Wagon. Rebuilt motor.

HE 1-2705. Buick hdtp. 6., new palm. Fully equipped. $150 or? AL 5-2o74 'Ki Binrlc Century" for 325-6423.

Selling out tires. Various lizos. I1E 17220. Car" painting $35, Body" work extra. AM 1-2072, '56 Meteor: '55 ChevT; '54 Rulck, Others to'52.

521-3313. Dismantling 1950 Rover West- WBfd.CY 8-4188. llod "wi irk" "pal nTi very tow" rnte.ntlsfaclon guar. TR 2-5545. "Walsh'g Auto Wrecking 720 Main Mil 3-S51S Fxcluinire radlatori, clcanlnV ft renalr 1425 E.

Hastings. 12 montliB. P.P. BR 7-2381, Gcnerato's $8." Stn rtern" 12," rebuilt. CY 9-5321 ft CY 0-2959.

BOXCAR FLATTENS CAR SURREY (Staff) A Surrey driver escaped with bruised legs when his car was demolished hy a B.C. Hydro hoxcar Friday at 9:15 p.m. fkbert Lance Ilortnn, 8126 132nd Street, flold police he failed to see the boxcar on the railway crossing at 61th Avenue and 118th Street. "Wrecking '53 MG-TD. Parts for in le.

HE 8-2968. TR3. Needs repairs, priced for quick sale. 715 Kingsway, 874-58 'TrtTIL'J. immaculate cond.

$1100 on an area situated Sklrlegalo ciinnnri lunar Ilini RWpi-l I. Land I)tt- casnYU Kpot'ls cars wanted, TR 4-0722. ni-t. Four III yours will be allowed (or removal of timber As this nrra is within the Queen Charlotte Y.U., whirh is fully roin-miiti'd, this sale will ue awarded under the provisions of section 1 7 Sports car wanted. car wan, la 4-M3(iu alter h.

'50 Vauxhull. goes tke a bomb. Please phon738.9'J08. '50 Dodge panel', $200 or lake anything. 4M Windsor.

Austin "A 10, $150, now" "battery, good condition. 6H4-8635. '50 Chev, A lakes. HE '50 Plymouth Best offer.

253-8326 TiO Austin A40, $110." good hnikes new tires. 221-4116 "'50 Foid 2-dr "good hape, no motor. $05. LA 2-0180. 'K7-6011 NOTICE To Arnold Walter Akenhead Would tha above-named, formerly '53 Stude, recon.

In excel, cond. Auto, $175. YU 7-7121. '53" Volkswagen, '57 engine, $300. Sun.

Mon. only.3738 2llh. lllllmiiri. top shape. $150.

RE 3-9519 Packiirri convertible, or liraiTst ofler. WA AL 5-9937 Dodge Royal 'VS. Best offer. 734)t73. "Clarice SlniDklfls Ltd.

of Naiialtiio, or anyone, knowing of Trtiitniih. Alfa A A'Pln NOTK T. "Anvone having knowledge of InA MAITLANO imaldcn namei formerly of Portland, Oregon and daughter of William Maltlsnd, late of the same cltv. litems The Canada Trust Compuiij-. Bog l(i(i, Samia.

Ontario." 7 llal of the Forest Act. which gives the llmber-aiile applicant certain pi-ivlleiH-s. Further particulars may he obtained from the District Forester, Prince Hurwrt, PC, nr the Forest Hanger, Guar, car repalii Buying or soiling sports cars. iVii Snoclla HP 3.07O' l.ia Franklin ht. ph.

AL nia wnereanoiiis piettse contact Mr. John Volnrh, A Solicitor, PH2 West Hnstlnus Ml, BC reiiarriina the ettft Mrt-Jensle Aktnhcad, deceased, For SUNBEAM ALPINES try Trans. 'M'--hi For "Less North. Van. small On, tOT-Oftl, "A-l'' Aulo Wreckeri, CY 8-UtVlO, SWT.

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