“A transitional platform, sort of a guide, to allow people to begin relocating from the dense urban (sick) reality, into a nature inspired and focused community centric model of living, a creative haven”. – Paul Richardson, Founder.


Hemple Building Workshop

Our first Hemp Temple Building Workshop will be held in Valley Center, San Diego, CA on May 15-16th. We feel Hemp to be a critical part of the new earth we are co-creating in these times, offering many solutions to the challenges ahead, whilst bringing great joy to the process of what we are engaging in.

Hemp as a building material, as you may already know, has many properties for our health and wellbeing, essentially acting as a natural filtration for the interior ecosystem of our homes and structures. With its massive insulative value, combined with its breathability, HempCrete (Hemp-lime) opens the doorway to natural indoor environments, materials, and systems. Not only that, but a Hemp building has amazing acoustic properties, creating an ambiance, unlike the tinny-sounding commercial materials we experience today. It is also fire, rot, and mold resistant, and can literally be grown in a few months, with minimal processing, locally.

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What You Will Learn:

  • Benefits and properties of Hemp(crete) in construction
  • How we can develop the Hemp Industry
  • Learn to Build with Hemp-Crete (Hemp-Lime), mixing, preparation, and installation, and the importance of proper curing and drying process
  • Working safely working with natural materials in a construction team environment

Sunday, April 25th from 1-5pm – Open to Public (optional)

On this special day and before our Hemple building commences in the May Workshop, we are performing a Bhoomi Puja, a ceremony to honor mother earth and seek her blessing on our project. The puja purifies the space, brings balance to the land and ensures the well-being of all that dwell there. Land Activation, Introduction to Hemp Building Community Building Freedom Potluck. Bring an organic dish to share, your enthusiasm and any other gifts!

Saturday, May 15th from 10am-6pm, evening bonfire & community meal

We begin the day with a sharing and introduction to hemp, moving into the specifics of the Hemple project itself, how we came to design the structure as we did, and how we created the parts, to bring the whole together. In the afternoon we will erect the pre-made framing elements of the structure, so we can show the structure. Then we will make our forms, which we will infill with the hempcrete mixture to create the walls of the Hemple. We follow this, with an introduction to the mixing process of the Hemp Hurd, Hydrated Lime, and Natural porcelain-Mineral Binder, and water using our Hemp Mixer (there are several variants). In the evening we will have a communing, and sharing around the fire, and come together to discuss the days adventures, over quality organic food, close to the build location, in this beautiful natural setting.

Sunday, May 16th from 9am-5pm

We will begin the day with a robust healthy breakfast and sharing, where we get to discuss the previous day’s experiences, and learnings, and answer participant questions. Hemping Demonstration where we will mix the hempcrete and infill the first layer within the pre-built forms will follow. After a hearty lunch, we will spend the afternoon completing the wall infill process. Everyone will get to experience all the parts of the Hemping process, from using the mixer, to tamping down the final hempcrete mixture into the forms. By the end of the day, we will have a completed Hemp structure, ready to dry (cure) over the following 30 days, prior to Lime render Plaster is applied. We will close the workshop by coming together inside the newly formed ‘Hemple’, where we will set our intentions, and honor the structure, before closing out and sharing contact details with all involved.


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