We envision a future where our structures and communities are vibrant, regenerative and life affirming, in total alignment and harmony with nature’s intelligence and our own unique life purpose. We offer the practical tools and design solutions to assist and guide you in the creation of these vibrant and regenerative lifeways, consciously manifesting the ‘New Earth’ we are all re-imagining together.
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Hemp-Crete House Start to Finish

Watch the amazing process from start to finish, building this beautiful, 640sqft Hemp House completed in 2021, soon to be aired on Discovery Channel, HGTV series in Spring 2021.

“A transitional platform, sort of a guide, to allow people to begin relocating from the dense urban (sick) reality, into a nature inspired and focused community centric model of living, a creative haven”. – Paul Richardson, Founder


Bio-Architecture and Natural Building

Sacred Sanctuary Design

Autonomous Food Growing Solutions

Living Water Systems

Sovereign Energy Systems

Syntropic Communion

Haven Earth helped us to re-design our life! With the pandemic, we were liberated from our city life. Our family values the comforts of city life, and we thought life in nature would be scary. Thanks to Paul, we have all the comfort in our house. We feel we are now more connected, and our senses are awakening.

Cem and Ira Varder, Antalya, Turkey

“From design to build this process embodies integrity and alignment with the land , material and  home owner.  I love my Vastu home! It is a dream come true, I never want to leave!”

Lisa Clark, Mebane, NC

I love it! After not being able to produce a successful garden I found Evan, and now my garden produced the most veggies and the largest cherry tomatoes I have ever seen! Thank you!”

Violet Murray, Wilmington, NC


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